Jerk Chicken Recipes

Definition - noun1 - Jerk Recipe:
This is the method of seasoning to marinate and preparing by grilling meats, beef, seafood, poultry, and vegetables. The most renowned Jerk recipes are Jerk pork and Jerk chicken. Jerk chicken recipes are typified by a spicy yet sweet and unique flavor and meat that has a tender texture. The term Jerk in cooking is used to describe either a dry seasoning or a wet Jamaican seasoning mix used to marinate meat

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Jerk Chicken Recipes

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Jamaica is most famous for its white sand beaches, its unique reggae music, exotic coffee, indigenous fruits and vegetables, its ethnically diversified population the ever dynamic Jamaican patois. However it is really the Jamaican cuisine that typifies what the Jamaican culture and cuisine is all about and no other Jamaican recipe apart from the jerk recipe does this better. However the term jerk has its origins in the Spanish word charqui, which meant in English ‘dried meat’, and was adopted to mean jerky which people began to call jerky recipes. The term jerk recipes also have its origins in the way how the Jerk recipe is prepared. The meat is poked with a knife or a skewer and the holes are stuffed with the Jamaican spices. Strangely enough Jamaican foods are normally a mix of different cultures, such as the British cuisine, Dutch cuisine, French cuisine, Spanish cuisine, West African cuisine, and Chinese cooking. Jerk recipes truly have their roots in pre-slavery days in West Africa. This is evident in the cooking habits of the Jamaican Maroons in 1655. Preparing Jerk recipes are quite easy. As long as you follow these Jerky recipes to the tee Jerked foods can be easily prepared in a home kitchen. Using the right Jerk recipe ingredients is the key. Jerk recipes utilize a lot of pre-cooking seasonings, the main ones which are scotch bonnet pepper, allspice or pimento, and Jamaican thyme. Other Jamaican spices and herbs are used when preparing Jerk recipes such as Jamaican cinnamon, home grown Jamaican ginger, Jamaican cloves, and a relatively small amount of Jamaican garlic and Jamaican onion. All these either chopped up and blended together and then used to season the food over night. This technique of allowing the meat to marinate in the created batter or what most Jerk recipe chefs call ‘sauce’ allows the flavor to soak to the bone of the meat. All jerk recipes don’t have to be grilled; this is a fallacy by many fake Jerk recipe chefs. The Jamaican cookbook Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III has several excellent recipes of how to create recipes in an oven or on your stove top. Our Team would like to advise every one that Jerk recipes are created to be spicy and if you are allergic or have a negative reaction to spicy foods then you should try a milder version of Jerky recipes. We examine the main ingredients of jerky recipes here.

Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper: In preparing Jerk seasoning is the Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper, a member of the habanera pepper family which means a very hot and peppery spice. It gets its name the ‘scotch’ because it resembles a Scottish hat. The Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper comes in the following colors, green, yellow or red and this is determined by how ripe the pepper is. Jamaican scotch bonnet pepper is used to both spice up Jamaican foods and meat that are devoid of taste, such as shrimp and lobster and to preserve Jamaican meat. Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers should not be cooked with the seeds. This is the source of the hot taste and is even too hot for lovers of Jerk recipes.

Jamaican pimento: The Jamaican pimento berry sometimes call the Jerk recipe Myrtle pepper, is a fundamental ingredient when preparing in Jerk recipes seasonings. Jamaican pimento is indigenous to Jamaica and South America and is not what is commonly known as allspice as the largest supply of pimento berries are from the Jamaica. The Jamaican pimento used in Jerk recipes is a dark brown dried berry that is often mistaken for what are called peppercorns which are not used in Jamaican recipes. The Jamaican pimento can be used whole however when preparing Jerk recipes they are ground and crushed. When combined with other traditional Jamaican seasonings such as the Jamaican cinnamon, Jamaican nutmeg, and the Jamaican clove, the flavor is unique and is often used as a true Jamaican blend of Jerk seasoning. It is the outer of the Jamaican pimento that carries the flavor necessary for a successful Jerk recipe.

Jamaican Thyme Jerk Seasoning: Jamaican thyme is a commonly used Jamaican herb when preparing Jamaican food recipes. They are sold in bundles either full or dried. A cook can decide whether to use the less potent fresh Jamaican thyme in their Jerk recipe or utilize the more potent dried Jamaican thyme leaves. Jerk recipes demand the use of thyme leaves as they not only add to the exotic taste of these jerk recipes but also act as a digestive aid when consuming Jerk recipe and has many health benefits.

Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III
The Authentic Jerk Sauce Recipe
Taken from Jamaican Cooking Made Easy Volume III
½ a cup of Jamaican pimento crushed or ground in a mortar
½ a cup of sugar – preferably brown, this adds color and flavor
6 cloves of garlic diced and crushed
4 Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers chopped and diced
½ a tablespoon of thyme leaves
6 stalks of finely diced scallions more popularly known as green onions
½ a teaspoon of powdered cinnamon
½ a teaspoon of nutmeg crushed
¼ a teaspoon of cooking salt
3 tablespoons of a Chinese soy sauce


Place crushed Jamaican pimento, sugar, diced Jamaican garlic, diced Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, crushed thyme leaves, diced Jamaican scallions, Jamaican cinnamon powder, crushed nutmeg, salt, and Chinese soy sauce in a blender or a food processor and blend until the batter is smooth.

Sear the meat then rub the poultry, pork, fish, seafood or beef with the batter Jerk seasoning. If using a pork shoulder, score the fat and rub in. Allow the meat to marinate in the Jerk seasoning overnight.

Grill the meat over a low fire using Red Stripe Beer instead of water to prevent burning. The use of Jamaican Red Stripe Beer is optional. Do this until the meat is done. The Jerk recipe meat should be smoked and have a pink color when done and the skin if any should have a dark color caused by the brown sugar in the Jerk seasoning recipe.


Jerk recipes with chicken are the real taste of Jamaica. The jerk style of cooking was actually developed for chicken and then Jamaican chefs began using the recipe techniques for other types of meat. This worked beautifully as Jerk pork, Jerk fish and Jerk beef are excellent Jerk recipes. recipes will always remain the most sought after types of jerk recipes. The most obvious reason for this is that recipes are so dynamic. recipes can be utilized for recipe for pasta or jerk chicken pasta recipe, the recipe for salad or jerk chicken salad recipe and even as a recipe for soup or jerk chicken soup recipes. The secret to making recipes is in the seasoning. Most chefs make the mistake of thinking that the seasoning for recipes is just before the preparing the Jamaican dish, this is not the case. recipes require season before in the dry seasonings, using jerk chicken marinade and basting while jerking the recipe. To fully explore this we must understand what the Jerk technique really is. The Jerk cooking technique is almost synonymous to grilling, however the major difference is the use of Red Stripe Beer as baste while the recipes is being prepared. To make a great recipes a few simple steps must be followed:

Step One: Scar the chicken when the chicken is cut in quarters. Quartering the chicken it takes a lot less time to prepare the recipe

Step Two: The recipe requires you to place dry jerk seasoning on the chicken and allow it to stand for 20 minutes.

Step Three: Place the chicken in Jerk marinade and marinate overnight. The recipe tastes better this way as the ingredients are allowed to soak int.

Step Four: Place the chicken on the grill and baste the recipe twice with the left over marinade then spray 1 cup of Jamaican Red Stripe Beer on the recipe.

Step Five: Don’t forget to make the recipe sauce. No recipe is complete with the recipe sauce. Served with the meal adds the final touches to what is definitely a delicious recipe.

Home made recipes are a bit different as they don’t employ grilling but take the form of barbequing or baking. The principle behind preparing the recipe is the same, just slightly different recipes preparation technique. Our consultant chef formally of the Sandals resort had added that recipes require the key ingredient of pimento. Many chefs make the mistake of confusing recipes with hot pepper recipes. recipes are meant to be spicy because of the numerous spices such as pimento and scotch bonnet pepper are used. recipes are not meant to be b>HOT they are meant to by SPICY or full of tasty spices. One should not have to search for a spice but be able to taste the different Jamaican spices. The Jerk recipes cookbook explores all these techniques on getting the best recipes known to man. recipes are served in almost every Jamaican restaurant and is undoubted the most popular Jamaican recipe. recipes are said to have placed Jamaican cuisine on the map and continue to win applause globally. recipes have led to a whole line of Jerk products including our recommend recipe product the Walkerswood line of recipe products.

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